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Improve the chances of having your paper accepted with English Language Editing service

Every year hundreds of papers are rejected due to English language editing requirements. At EditWorld we know that language shouldn’t be a barrier to getting your quality research published.


With EditWorld it needn’t be. We have hundreds of specialist researchers ready to edit your paper, all native language English speakers, with a minimum of Masters level education, at the most respected US Universities.

It couldn’t be simpler – just submit your manuscript, decide how quickly you need the work done, and we will do the rest.


Editing Services:

  • Straightforward pricing structure

  • Rapid turnaround times

  • Technical Specialists in your subject area

  • Experts based at the highest profile US universities


The EditWorld provides a comprehensive editing solution that includes extensive editing for language and style. The manuscript is edited by two editors: a subject area editor who adjusts the terminology to the standards of the field and an experienced senior editor who provides additional edits and in-depth suggestions on improving the flow of the document. Each manuscript is also approved by a managing editor before being returned and is accompanied by a customized summary of the work performed on the manuscript.




Terms and Conditions

EditWorld is confident that our services will improve the quality of your manuscript and increase your chances of publication. Although we cannot guarantee publication, we stand behind our work and will work with each author to ensure that he or she is completely satisfied. We will re-edit your document for free if the publisher rejects the manuscript due to the quality of the language.

Prices & Time

0.05 USD/word, 4 working days

0.1 USD/word, 2 working days 

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